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Hi, it's Christine. Dinner Table Chronicles is my first blog detailing my food experiences all over town and during our family's travels. First off, I must confess that I'm a terrible photographer, so my food pics may not look so terrific. Even worse, sometimes the restaurant lighting is a bit dim and my iPhone does not take the best pics in "ambience" lighting. But I do hope to improve over time. So do bear with some of my fuzzy pics as we take you along on our food journey.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Birthday Dinner at Blue Canoe with My Family

First, I apologize for the poor quality of these pics. They were taken with my new iPhone, given to me from my dear husband for my birthday. He also took me and the kids out for my birthday dinner at Blue Canoe. This is a family fave, and our favourite table is the table for 4 in front of the fireplace. Perfect on a cold evening.

We started with the 2lb chicken drummettes, half in BBQ and the other half honey garlic. Yum. This is where I discovered the BBQ is my favourite. I used to prefer the honey garlic as it is truly delectable, but the BBQ has the perfect sauciness to it without the taste being drowned out by spiciness.

 This is Mark's entree...the salmon skillet. It had red potatoes and tomatoes. He really enjoyed it.

This is my daughters' entree pick. They split a shrimp pesto linguine. This is truly a great dish. It's my second favourite entree.

And this is my entree, the Sablefish linguine with a tomato and garlic sauce. So yummy!

This is the lemon meringue pie, big enough for the 4 of us to share. I'm so-so with this dessert; but I'm in the minority. My husband and kids seem to love this one and order it whenever they can.

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