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Hi, it's Christine. Dinner Table Chronicles is my first blog detailing my food experiences all over town and during our family's travels. First off, I must confess that I'm a terrible photographer, so my food pics may not look so terrific. Even worse, sometimes the restaurant lighting is a bit dim and my iPhone does not take the best pics in "ambience" lighting. But I do hope to improve over time. So do bear with some of my fuzzy pics as we take you along on our food journey.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Kirin Richmond

My parents treated my brother and me and our families to a birthday dinner at Kirin Richmond. This place is usually excellent with consistent quality. However, I think they had an off-night, as the food was just not the same. It was still good, but not of the excellence we usually anticipate.

We started with a soup. This brothy soup had all the bones and veggies. I didn't enjoy this soup. Too old-style for me.

Let's go straight to the peking duck with crepes. Our girls really love this dish and only get it for special occasions -- way too decadent to have it all the time!

Next up was the dish with the rest of the duck. It was lettuce wraps with duck filling. Again, the girls love this dish.

Then came the most disappointing dish of the evening: the honey garlic beef. This is usually excellent, but the chef that night just didn't prepare it correctly. It was more honey than savoury. Usually, it's a perfect mix of sweetness and savoury.

The veggies came next. This is our family's usual order of stir fry gai lan.

Then came one of my and my younger daughter's favourites of the evening: the fried tofu with broccoli and straw mushrooms. I think she and I could have finished the whole thing, but we restrained ourselves and let others have a go at this dish.

Then came the best dish of the evening: the honey garlic pork ribs. Amazing!

Then the stir fry white fish with vegetables. Also very well made as the fish was so tender and not overcooked.

The last dish to arrive was the seasoned chicken with the green onion dip.

Dinner ended with the red bean soup. Something I like, but a dessert my husband is not in the least fond of. Oh well, more for me :-)

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