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Hi, it's Christine. Dinner Table Chronicles is my first blog detailing my food experiences all over town and during our family's travels. First off, I must confess that I'm a terrible photographer, so my food pics may not look so terrific. Even worse, sometimes the restaurant lighting is a bit dim and my iPhone does not take the best pics in "ambience" lighting. But I do hope to improve over time. So do bear with some of my fuzzy pics as we take you along on our food journey.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shanghai River (Richmond, B.C., Canada)

Ate here with my family and my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and step-niece (aged 9). The place was crowded since it was Dec. 28, a holiday Monday. Also, it is Shanghai Palace, where they make northern Chinese dim sum items and noodles by hand and from scratch. Everything is so fresh. In fact, when you get there, I highly suggest you order the beef noodle soup immediately. Because the noodles are hand-made, it takes a bit of time. I have to confess here that I forgot to start taking pictures of the food. I was sooo hungry that my stomach, not my brain, took over my actions. But here're the dishes I did get to take some snaps of:

Xiu Lon Bau (XLB) - perfectly made and just the right soupiness.

Wonton in Soup - OK, would not order again. I only ordered it as I'm a wonton fanatic.


Yang Chow Fried Rice - Tasty. Love the edamame beans they put added to the fried rice.

Other dishes we ordered were:
  • Stir fry pea tips - yum, perfectly cooked, very tender
  • Potstickers - great flavour, made fresh
  • Beef noodle soup - spicy because I forgot to tell the waitress not to make it spicy. But it was still good. The noodles were al dente.
  • Chicken in peanut sauce with cucumber and rice noodle - an appetizer plate. This was so refreshing and tasty.
  • Green onion pancake - not as good as other places but decent and made fresh.

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